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 Would you like to take a trip to Washington, DC?  I recently took a trip to DC, and now I'm going to take YOU there for free…virtually, that is!  Thanks to technology, visiting the United States Capitol is easier than ever.  Take a look at my favorite virtual tours in DC, and let me know which one is your favorite in a comment on this post.
The White House
 Get an inside look of quite possibly the most famous house in the US of A. This interactive tour includes floor plans, videos, photos, and more.
The Library of Congress
 Learn more about the main buildings of the Library of Congress, and some of the most popular galleries as well. Have an iPhone or iPad? Don’t miss the free Library of Congress virtual tour app, which has even more photos.
United States Botanic Gardens
 This beautiful virtual tour is accompanied by some digital jigsaw puzzles. Have fun!
The National Mall
 The National Mall has a free App (available on iPhone and Android) with photos and the ability to create and run your own tour. The App is designed to use while visiting the Mall, but is still fun to use without visiting in person. Most of the App’s features have worked fine on my iPad 2 as well, though there have been a few glitches when I pull up the Maps feature.
The Capitol
 The Architect’s Virtual Capitol site is complete with detailed images and text on individual rooms of the Capitol, including details like historical photos and information about artists and architects involved in the process.
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
 While all the Smithsonian museums are top-notch, the Natural History museum also has a top-notch virtual field trip.  Don't miss my personal favorite, the dinosaur room!
 What's your favorite virtual tour to use with students?

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